Finally it is possible to get one of the most memorable songs of the Book of Mormon musical on a shirt. Anything is possible if you just believe in it!
Are you wondering why Tapirs are the spirit animals of Exmormons? The explanation is quite simple. The Book of Mormon, which is supposed to tell the history of Native Americans, is choke full of anachronisms. Horses, which didn’t exist in the Americas, are mentioned many times. These mighty warhorses were pulling chariots and let’s ignore for a moment that there was no access to steel as well.
But the Book of Mormon is true! And the words were dictated directly from God! So there must be a reasonable explanation after all and what people came up with is that God actually meant tapirs and not horses. Problem solved!
So the next time you go to the zoo, check out the tapirs and imagine the wonderful times when they were fearsome war steeds.

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